Healthcare SOLUTIONS



Robots that are able to disinfect patient rooms and operating theaters in hospitals. They’re able to disinfect pretty much anything. Each robot is a mobile array of powerful short wavelength ultraviolet-C (UVC) lights that emit enough energy to break up the DNA or RNA of any microorganisms that have the misfortune of being exposed to them.

Delivery ROBOTS

These robots securely deliver medications through the hospital and directly to nursing units. They secure and automate deliveries that are normally made through pneumatic tubes or manual couriers including controlled substances and refilling carts. Best of all, by using bio-metric security and unique pin codes only authorized medical personnel add or remove specimens to the secured cabinet.

Front-line robots

These robots perform a number of tasks relating to managing viruses. They can screen up to 150 people every minute for symptoms of the virus such as high temperature and dry cough and detect people walking in not wearing masks. They also have the capacity to deliver medicine, food, and other essentials in place of front-line workers to patients undergoing treatment.

Exoskeleton and bionic Robotics

Robotic exoskeletons and bionics are equipped with sensors, actuators, mechanical structures, algorithms, and control strategies capable of acquiring information to execute a motor function. They can be custom designed to enhance the physical performance of the wearer or as orthotic devices for gait rehabilitation or locomotion assistance.

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