Industrial SOLUTIONS

Construction Industry

Demolition ROBOTS

Featuring a wide and expanding range of attachable tools and accessories, these machines are efficient and easy to operate thanks to smart functional design, innovative engineering and new technology, for virtually all heavy and hazardous work on any construction site: breaking, crushing, shearing, digging, shoveling, grappling, surface removal and trenching.


Remote robots that can be assigned to run sites continuously, providing daily updates on a building’s status, informing construction managers, designers and owners on its progress. These more consistent scans allow small mistakes to be corrected earlier before they become much larger ones. They also be assigned to walk sites after hours to avoid any conflict with workers.

exoskeleton Robotics

Construction workers, logistics and warehouse workers, and manufacturers alike can take advantage of our range of exoskeletons with functionality to improve human performance and boost occupational safety in industrial settings. Improved design and ergonomics ensure that this wearable robot delivers an exceptional user experience for workers and wearers of all sizes and trades.

security ROBOTS


Patrol robot are fully-autonomous and are mainly designed to take over the duties of human patrols, allowing for significant savings on manpower. Routes can be preset or self-determined and the robot will send live images or alerts to a control center. Patrol robots are ideal for monitoring industrial parks, warehouses, power plants, malls, campuses AND residential developments.


Security robots are designed to augment the capabilities of existing personnel and improve operational efficiencies through continuous perimeter intrusion detection. They can easily patrol the existing boundaries to identify potential trouble spots, detect humans and/or vehicles in an area where they should not be and alert responsible staff of potential risks


Tactical Robots enhance the capabilities of tactical response teams by allowing them to quickly and safely inspect dangerous situations without the need to send personnel in before assessing the situation. Can be enhanced with various accessories from trailers, manipulator arms, audio/video receivers and gas/radiation detector mounts.


Collaborative robots

Collaborative robots designed to help people work more productively today, while building the base for more automation where it is needed most. They use computer vision, high precision GPS, and AI to follow people and navigate autonomously from A to B while carrying various payloads. They work immediately out of the box and can be setup for any task.

Tractor robots

Agriculture is facing a difficult environment with a population of farmers that is both ageing and shrinking. Tractor robots can drive and work the farmland along a predetermined path accurately and safely with technology that detects and shows obstacles in blind-spots under visual observation. A tablet user interface that provides intuitive operation makes control of the tractor easy.

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